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Rooted Radiance

Shea Nilotica

Shea Nilotica

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You may have heard of shea butter, but let us introduce you to the exotic shea Nilotica.

Nilotica is a single-ingredient luxury shea butter ethically sourced directly from Uganda, Africa. This gorgeous cream has a silky texture and low melting point that absorbs into the skin quickly. Once absorbed, it leaves your skin with a soft, feathery feel! You're going to love applying this all over your body for deep hydration or as a non-greasy facial moisturizer. It can also be used as a rich, healing hair mask. If you have oily skin, have no fear! Nilotica is recommended for people with oily skin as it can clear excess sebum and helps to balance natural oils.

Our Shea Nilotica is extracted using the expeller-pressed (cold-pressed) method, which preserves its nourishing vitamins and nutrients that keep hair and skin the healthiest they can be.

Scent profile is light, slightly nutty with similarities to raw cocoa butter. Scent will dissipate after absorbing into the skin. If you prefer soft scents in your skincare, you'll enjoy Nilotica.

CARE TIP: Nilotica has a low melting point and softens quickly  in warm temperatures. We recommend keeping in a cooler area of your home. If your product arrives melted, please place in your fridge until set. Send us an email if you need any further assistance!

How does this differ from regular Shea Butter?: Shea Nilotica is considered a luxury shea butter and is harder to source. It contains 25% more oleic acid than standard shea butter which gives better moisturizing and absorbing abilities and anti-aging benefits. Nilotica has more vitamin K which has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in healing damaged skin. 

Experience the deeply healing power of this pillowy soft cream today!

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