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Rooted Radiance

Frankincense Hydrosol

Frankincense Hydrosol

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Get ready to experience the pure luxury of our organic hydrosols. These floral waters will enhance your skin while providing a touch of refreshing herbal fragrance.

FrankincenseThe resin collected from the Frankincense trees has been cherished for centuries and is one of the most well-known resins in the world. It boasts anti-aging benefits, skin healing for minor wounds, scrapes and rashes. The scent is rich, earthy and spicy. Our Frankincense hydrosol is made from the steam distillation of the organic Frankincense resin. Spray onto your face before moisturizer to lock in the benefits of this hydrosol, spray onto your hair and scalp for healing or mist onto your body for a light perfume.

Hydrosols (also known as floral water) capture the healing essence of plant material in a gentle, misting spray to use on face, body and home with the science of distillation. Hydrosols are a much gentler, safer alternative to essential oils and require vastly less plant material to produce these beautiful aromatic waters. Add a hydrosol to your facial skincare routine before moisturizer to further hydrate and heal or on your hair as a light scent and hair strengthener. Mist onto body for a beautiful, delicate perfume. Spray in your bathroom or bedroom or diffuse for a soft, herbal smell.

Our hydrosols are certified organic and harvested on small USA family farms. They are distilled right on the farm to maximize freshness of the plant material. The herbs are harvested in peak season and in small batches to ensure maximum vibrancy.

Each hydrosol is in a 4 oz. amber glass spray bottle and should be used within 1 year of purchase.

Please note: Due to plant material being harvested fresh seasonally, not all hydrosols may be available for purchase year round. This ensures that you are receiving the best, most fresh product available!

For external use only. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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